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Howdy pardner, hire our cool wild west themed attractions for your party night.
Winchester 1873, one of the guns that won the west
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Wild West Party Hire Scotland

Howdy Pardner, looking at hiring some themed entertainment for your Western party anywhere in Scotland? We offer a range of entertainment options based around the theme of the ‘Old West’. From our  replica stagecoach (based on the Calamity Jayne style Concord Coach) which houses a fully functioning photo booth, to our sidestall games units complete with a cowboy to help your guests with the games.

Feeling a mite thirsty, one of our saloon bar stalls can be set up to serve beer (we like to be authentic, but made an exception here and serve our beer cold) or bangers and beans to keep everyone well vittled.

Any of our units can be supplied with a small music system playing cowboy themed music to add atmosphere, larger sound systems are available to hire for bigger events.

Wild West stagecoach photo booth hire Scotland
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Wild West Photo Booth Hire Scotland

A stunning centerpiece for any event, The Duke (named in honour of the one and only John Wayne), is a fully functioning photo booth system, but also much more. As well as your guests having their photos taken inside, it makes a great backdrop for camera phone pictures. Add in the range of external props that come with it, the sound effect unit, the music system playing a range of cowboy songs and you have an entire Wild West theme.

Wild West Shooting gallery hire Scotland
Wild West games for hire throughout Scotland

Wild West Games Units For Hire Scotland

Our range of Western themed sidestalls provide fun for guests of all ages. Shooting saloon (with western style air rifles or our REAL Henry repeating rifles), horseshoe toss, hoop the cactus and more, all themed with cactus, wagon wheels and other Old West goodies.

All of our games units are manned by cowboys (or girls) in traditional western dress who explain the rules and help the guests with the guns and such like. Rootin tootin cowboy fun.

Saloon Shootout

Wild West Laser System

For something truly interactive our laser simulator puts you in a saloon bar shootout, try to hit the cowboys and leave the saloon girls alone or you lose points quicker than a cattle rustler gits from the corral.

Chuck Wagon & Saloon Bars in Scotland

Don't forget that gunslinging is thirsty work, we can provide a selection of beers (and whisky), even sarsaparilla to keep everyone watered.

If its chow you’re after then we can rustle up some bangers and beans for a campfire treat, and serve it from our replica chuck wagon, just like the cowpokes would have eaten.

Colt Peacemaker, the other famous wild west gun
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Cowboys really did sing cowboy songs to the cattle at night. Singing songs like "Old Dan Tucker," "Nearer My God To Thee," "In the Sweet By and By" or "The Texas Lullaby" soothed jittery cows, which helped reduce the likelihood of stampede.
Thunder and lightning were the most common cause of stampede. At night, if a storm came and the cattle started running, it was the cowboy's job to jump on his horse and get out there in the lead to head them off and round them up safely. It was a dangerous job riding through the dark, with prairie dog holes all around, not knowing if the next turn would be your last

Wild West Trivia

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