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Winchester 1873, one of the guns that won the west
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Wild West Photo Booth Hire

The  centerpiece of any wild west themed event is this replica stagecoach. Modeled on the traditional Abbot and Downing ‘Concord’ coach made famous in Calamity Jane and the John Ford film ‘Stagecoach’, this is one rootin tootin photo booth, allowing your guests not only to be photographed and receive an instant price inside the booth, but also to have their pictures taken in front of the coach. Throw in the list of additional props provided with the coach and you  have a complete theme with justthis one product!

stagecoach photo booth
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Additional Props Provided With Photo Booth Hire

When hiring our wild west stagecoach photo booth, you not only receive the stunning replica stagecoach, but it comes with the following at no extra charge;


Colt Peacemaker, the other famous wild west gun
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Indian Totem Pole For Hire
Wild West Peep Board For Hire

Peep Board

Totem Pole

The term "red light district" came from the Red Light Bordello in Dodge City, Kansas. The front door of the building was made of red glass and produced a red glow to the outside world when lit at night. The name carried over to refer to the town's brothel district


Wild West Trivia

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Stagecoach Photo Booth




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